Associate Membership

Organizations other than investor-owned utilities and energy companies that are involved in economic development activities (e.g. service providers, regional allies, consultants, etc.).


  Exposure at Semi-annual Educational & Networking Forums

UEDA Forums

  • High-visibility promotional exposure for your company and services.
  • An opportunity to meet customers and potential prospects at a single location.
  • Unique networking opportunities for new business development.
  Nationwide Networking
  • Personal connections with investor-owned utility economic development professionals you have met through the UEDA.
  • Contact with non-investor owned utility economic development peers and site selectors from across the country and Canada you have met through the UEDA.
  UEDA LinkedIn Group
  • Real-time UEDA LinkedIn group connections with UEDA members and other economic development professionals from coast-to-coast and in Canada.
  News Distribution
  • Selective distribution of economic development news through the UEDA LinkedIn group.
  • Selective news dissemination to UEDA members online with the help of the UEDA staff.
  • Contact with economic development trade media through UEDA referrals. (delete)
  UEDA Member Surveys
  • Conduct surveys and polls of active association members through UEDA staff.
  Member Email Contact
  • Mass emails to UEDA members at any time though the UEDA staff.
  • Identification and contact with UEDA members through the UEDA website.
Link to Your Website
  • Direct connection to your website site through the UEDA website.
All service providers, EDA’s and site selectors are welcome.